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We've created more ways for you to connect with us - and for us to connect with you.

Every week, you see us outside the synagogue, at your school or at events. But CSG NSW is so much more. 

We've created a range of online and in person tools so that you can carry us with you, wherever you are. Feel at home anywhere, knowing that you've got CSG NSW in your pocket.

Remember, in an emergency, always call 000 first, then CSG on 1300 000 CSG (274).

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Reach CSG NSW 24/7 for security advice, assistance or in an emergency on 1300 000 274 (1300 000 CSG)

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Our app has been created for the NSW Jewish community. Register and download the app to get started.

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Use our easy reporting form to put the responsibility on our shoulders.

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We manage a closed Facebook Group just for our community. Join now for updates, news and events.

We're always here. Leave your enquiry below.

Remember, if you would like to report an incident or something that has made you feel uneasy or unsafe, please visit Report Something.

If you are currently experiencing an emergency please call 000 before contacting CSG NSW on 1300 000 274 (CSG).