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Put the responsibility on our shoulders - no matter is too small. Every report matters.

Report something now

We want you to feel secure wherever you go. So if you ever feel threatened, unsafe, or just feel like  something isn't quite right, please let us know. 

There are several ways that you can connect with us when you need to report something.

  • Use the form below to report something that has already occurred 
  • Download our CSG Alert App to keep us in your pocket
  • Call 1300 000 274 (1300 000 CSG) at any time for advice, assistance or emergency response

Remember, if you are experiencing an emergency, please call 000 before calling CSG NSW.

Reporting helps to keep our community safe

We appreciate all information provided to us by our community. But we know, sometimes it can be hard to know if you should report something, or not.

We encourage you to report anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or just doesn't seem right.

What should I report?

You can report things like,

  • Antisemitic graffiti, no matter how small, seemingly insignificant, or hidden
  • People shouting racial slurs or using aggressive language to you or other members of our community
  • Suspicious people or items outside a Synagogue
  • Cars parked in non-parking areas or that seem like they don't belong near community venues
  • People at community events who seem suspicious, or seem like they do not have a legitimate reason to be there

When you see something that doesn't seem quite right, it's important that you don't assume someone else has reported it.

Every bit of information helps.

If you feel safe, we encourage you to take photos of people, objects or vehicles. 

Remember, we're always here.

If you aren't sure if you should report something, just call us 24/7 on 1300 000 274 (1300 000 CSG).

What happens next?

We look into every report that our community makes.

Often, if you have reported something at or around a community venue, we can use our CCTV infrastructure to see what has happened. In many cases, we also alert the local Police.

If we need to, we will also publish an alert to our community and update you as the situation unfolds.

Ways To Report

If you are in an emergency situation please call 000 before contacting CSG NSW.

You can call 1300 000 274 (CSG) 24/7 for security advice, assistance or emergency response.

The CSG Alert App is a two way communication tool, where you can report incidents to us, and receive updates from us.

Getting started on the app is a two-step process.

  1. Register your details to access the app
  2. Download the app on the Apple App Store or on the Google Play Store

You can report something using the form below.

Please give us as much detail as you can.

The form asks you questions like the date and location of the incident, as well as whether there were any vehicles or people involved that we should know about. 

Rest assured that all incidents that are reported to CSG are logged and assessed. 

Data may then be used to review statistical developments which may be published in our annual Antisemitic Incidents Report.

Your contact details are required so that we can get in touch with you so please know that any details published in our reports are always anonymised.

Report Something Now

You can report an incident or something that made you feel uneasy using this form.

It will be sent directly to our team to look into what has happened. You can expect to hear back from us if we require further information. 

Remember, in an emergency, or during an active incident, call 000 and then CSG on 1300 000 274 (1300 000 CSG).